Jessamyn Duke camp to contest Nakamoto KO

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Miriam Nakamoto and Jessaymn Duke fought near the top of the undercard at Friday’s Invicta FC 5. Early in the first, Muay Thai world champion Nakamoto secured an underhook and outside, landed two brutal knees, and referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy stopped the fight.

However, the second knee landed while Duke was down, a cardninal violation of the Unified Rules. McCarthy explained that he ended the fight after the first knee, calling the contest for Nakamoto.

Duke’s trainer and owner of the AFS Academy Scott Elliott is protesting the decision, as he explains to The Underground.

Nakamoto’s illegal knee vs. Jessamyn Duke

From: Scott Elliott
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This happened this weekend on the Invicta card. Maybe I’m blind, but that knee looks illegal as s—. She was stunned off the first knee, Big John is keeping an eye on her, Nakamoto throws the second, illegal knee and THEN he steps in to stop the fight. After the fight, John tried to say that he called the fight after the first knee.

What SHOULD have happened is the fighters broke up, a point taken away from Nakamoto, Duke be given her 5 minutes to recover and then the fight restarted. Instead, however, Nakamoto was given the win via TKO and awarded knockout of the night.

Some are trying to argue that she was out after the first knee. First of all, that’s irrelevant. If she was out, the fight should have been stopped right then. Obviously, Big John did not move in to stop the fight after that first knee BECAUSE SHE WAS NOT OUT. It was only after the second knee that he actually moves in to stop the fight. Furthermore, it’s still irrelevant because at that moment, the fight was STILL ON and she throws the illegal knee to a grounded opponent!!

Notice in the video how Nakamoto reacts knowing she made an error in throwing the knee.

Obviously we are contesting this and appealing with the athletic commission.

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