Joe Lauzon: I predict I’m going to submit everyone

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

“I predict I’m going to submit everyone,” Lauzon told Radio. “I build it up in my mind.”

Of course, with seven career UFC wins by tapout, Lauzon’s predictions aren’t exactly empty chatter. But it’s also not just pointless thinking, either. Lauzon said he and his team take a scientific approach to breaking down each opponent and prepping a proper gameplan.

“At the beginning of the camp, which this is a shorter camp, but we build this guy up to be this absolute monster, and we take away all of their advantages,” Lauzon explained. “We negate everything. We focus on all of our advantages, and we try to put as much distance as we can where they have advantages and increase the span of our advantages.

“So he is this monster in the beginning, and I’ve got to go into the cage thinking everyone I go in the cage with I’m going to submit. I’m going to put my hands on them. I’m going to hit them a couple times, hurt them and then catch them in a submission if he tries to get away. That’s for every fight.”

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