Joe Lauzon vs. Graston

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In his fight of the night against Jim Miller, Joe Lauzon suffered a deep cut in his forehead. The cut caused the fight to be a bloody mess, but one of the most memorable fights in the UFC in 2012.

Lauzon lost a decision to Miller, but impressed the UFC brass and fans a like, battling through the blood to make it a very competitive fight.

Like most deep cuts, stitches were required. What most people don’t realize that although healing on the surface is quick, internal healing can be long and there is a serious potential for these type of cuts to re-open if they are not cared for properly or an athlete returns to action too soon.

Joe Lauzon, ever the smart and evolving athlete, has taken his recovery from scar tissue seriously. Lauzon is employing a fairly new method called Graston, which uses a dull metal tool to scrape the surface of the skin and break up underlying scar tissue. The process itself doesn’t seem to fun, as shown in the video below Lauzon released documenting the process: