Joe Rogan addresses controversy with reporter and slur

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From: Joe Rogan
Posted: 2 hours ago
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This is a video from my podcast discussing all this shit that went down with Rios, and the grand distraction of focusing on my use of the word “faggot.” For the record and in the interest of full disclosure, when I said in the last thread that I “got rios fired” mostly I was just fucking with his head. Whatever happens to that guy is entirely of his own doing and based entirely on his douchey behavior and his cunty writing. Whoever I was or wasn’t talking with about this, there’s no way I could have or would have gotten anyone to fire him if he wasn’t clearly a piece of shit. It really had nothing to do with me pulling any favors or instructing anyone on what to do. Although I really do enjoy tossing around the word “faggot,” it’s so clearly an illogical hot-button word of offense to some people that I think I’m just going to stop using it all together. This whole distraction could have been avoided, and I could have expressed my exact same intent if I had referred to him as a “weak bitch” or any number of other insults that I think accurately describe his writing and his shitty personality. When I call someone a “faggot” it has nothing to do with their sexual preference, but try convincing some offended gay person that. In this ultra-sensitive world we live in that word is just too much of a liability, so I’m going to retire it from my vernacular. At least the last time I used it I couldn’t have found a more worthy target.

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