Joe Rogan commentates famous Internet streetfights

Monday, December 03, 2012

Earlier this year The Joe Rogan Experience veered off as usual into compelling territory when the UFC commentator turned his talents onto famous Internet street fights.

“Doug Benson had a great idea that I need to get on, about me doing commentary over Internet fights. I would like to do that, that would be a perfect thing for me, because obviously the UFC commentary background, and stand up, and watching those things… there’s some funny f—— video out there. And there’s so many of them, you never run out.”

Rogan narrates some classic Internet fights including
The Turkish guy who knocks out a crowd of swarming attackers.
The security guard with the bowl haircut doing Muay Thai
The meter man who gets headkicked in the UK
The guy who gets kicked down the stairs
The Russian brawl at the dolphin pool