Joe Rogan corrects Korean rolling story

Monday, October 01, 2012

What happens in training stays in training.

The reason for that is, it doesn’t matter who does what in training.

However, over the weekend a story circulated around the Internets that about-to-be UFC fighter Hyun Gyu Lim said recently on a Korean MMA radio show that in 2010 he tapped Joe Rogan in a training session. The story goes like this:
•Lim was in California training for Dongi Yang’s fight.
•Lim was tired and rolled with Rogan who had just come into the gym.
•He didn’t know who Rogan was, and almost got caught in an armbar, after having his back taken for an extended period.
•He then nailed a flying triangle/armbar, and cranked Rogan’s elbow.
•Rogan gave Lim a deathstare afterwards, and didn’t accept an apology.
•Rogan probably won’t be saying anything nice about Lim when he fights Marcelo Guimaraes at UFC on FUEL 6.

A few things were cleared up almost immediately. The “deathstare and refusal to accept an apology” was actually just a guy having a tweaked elbow. Rogan later graciously accepted an apology. And Lin left the session with tweaked ribs.

There is probably something dumber to make a fuss about than who did what to who while rollng, but given the nature of modern media, where an interview on Korean radio can lead to international misunderstanding, it is best to get everything out there.

In an interview with MiddleEasy, Rogan explained what really happened.

“I was a bit surprised to read about this,” said Rogan. “Since most of the time people treat training as what it is; practice, and don’t try to turn things into something to publicize someone’s UFC appearance which is what I’m assuming they’re doing here. I’m also assuming you’re getting this from one of his coaches or friends which is why the story is slightly off. I’ve rolled with a number of guys over the years that have fought in the UFC and other organizations and this is the first time anyone has made a “story” out of training with me.

‘I should first state that all of those Korean guys are nothing but gentlemen. Very cool guys at the fights and they were very cool at the gym as well.

“I remember rolling with Mr. Lim because I tend to remember most people that catch me with something, but I certainly was never mad at him. My recollection was that they were there to train for Dongi Yang’s fight, and I was just there taking class as usual.

“I didn’t just walk into the gym as in their version, but it could be that they hadn’t noticed me or something. It was the last roll of the night, and they asked me to train with one of their fighters. I don’t remember the roll too much other than he was very good, and it was pretty fast paced. I remember at one point I got his back for a while, but I couldn’t finish him, and I remember being really tired by that point.

“We separated and he caught me in a sweet triangle/arm bar combination. It was very quick and very nice. My elbow got tweaked but I was certainly never upset at him. That could have easily been a language barrier thing, though as I was in some pain.

“I iced my elbow and we all sat around and talked some afterwards. My elbow was fine after a day or so. I’m not sure why they would say I was mad at him other than that it makes for a better story that way.

“Either way, nice guy, and very skillful. That whole team is filled with very talented fighters.”

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Korean Top Team manager came on the UG and cleared things up even further.

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When I first saw this story on Sherdog, I was worried that it would get blown out of proportion. I guess it’s a slow week in MMA news.

Anyway, like I mentioned on Sherdog and Joe reiterated in his interview, there really wasn’t any bad blood. It was just the kind of thing that happens in training. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Lim about the interview yet, but I’m sure it was just an off the cuff “interesting UFC related” story not intended to make Joe look bad, or to brag.

We’ve (KTT) seen Joe several times when we’ve gone to train at 10th Planet, both with KZ and Dongi Yang, and he’s always been super friendly and fun to chat with. After that particular roll, Lim genuinely felt really bad about Joe elbow (and even worse about his own ribs later on!). And, as mentioned, Lim apologized and Joe accepted.

Anyway, Joe, if you’re reading this, please know that we have no ill will towards you at all! Hope to see you soon at 10th Planet or at the next event that you’re commentating.

Just wanted to add that Lim was answering a question specifically about him rolling with Joe, so it wasn’t as though he brought up the topic out of the blue.

Also, the whole concept that what happens in training shouldn’t be talked about isn’t really the case here in Korea. So, Lim didn’t realize he was breaking a code of ethics.

For those people who think that Ace was trying get attention or hype himself up for the Macau event… If that were the case, he wouldn’t have done it on some obscure internet show that very, very few people listen to (I didn’t even know it existed until today!).

I saw Ace in the gym a little while ago and he’s shocked that this thing has gotten so much attention. He even asked if he should make a video apology to Joe to upload on the internet. However, I hope that Joe realizes that there was no ill intent.

Brian Rhee

Korean Top Team

Lastly, Rogan won’t be handling the announcing of Lim’s debut bout next month anyway.