Johnny, Jake Shields, and Josh in bitter twitter quarrel

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ariel Helwani broke the news that the next challenger to George St-Pierre’s Welterweight title was going to be Nick Diaz.

Many fans felt schizophrenic, elated at the prospect of GSP vs. Diaz, but also left feeling that Johnny Hendricks is the legitimate contender, and should not have been stepped over.

Among those most ardently feeling the latter sentiment was Hendricks himself, who is on a five-fight win streak, that includes 3 consecutive victories over top 10 opponents, in the last year alone. Hendricks took his feelings to twitter:

Johny Hendricks @JohnyHendricks
Asking all fans to let Dana White know you don’t agree! GSP says he wants Diaz next.

UFC President Dana White did not take long to respond:

Dana White @danawhite
I agree that u deserve it and u will get ur shot

However, Diaz’s teammate Jake Shields was not so amenable.

Jake Shields @jakeshieldsajj
@johnyhendricks quit crying. Nicks done more than you. Its cool you beat my old punching bags at AKA but I think you need to fight me next

Shields, who went 2-2 as a Welterweight in the UFC recently moved back to Middleweight, but is apparently contemplating a return to Welter.

Then Josh Koscheck got into it.

Josh Koscheck ‏@JoshKoscheck
Personal Perspective is not always reality!! @jakeshieldsajj

Chris ‏@ChrisWhite209
@JoshKoscheck No body is a company man if you fight. You’re a fighter. Nothing more. Like Jon Jones, saying he’s a “company man”…

Josh Koscheck ‏@JoshKoscheck
Company MAN?? 8/12/12, it was announced that @jakeshieldsajj had failed his drug test at UFC 150 & he was subsequently fined & suspended

Josh Koscheck ‏@JoshKoscheck
Since you kicked Jon & my ass @jakeshieldsajj why don’t you step up & fight my boy @LukeRockhold ?? He’s a 185lber!!!! lol

Add in Mayhem Miller and a few others and we can do the Strikeforce Brawl all over again, on Twitter.