Johnson: We definitely did our homework on Joe [Lauzon]

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Michael Johnson gave the best performance of his career on Saturday, decidely beating Joe Lauzon for three rounds at the UFC on FOX Sports in Boston. Johnson was a two to one underdog coming into the bout, but as he told MMAJunkie, he was well-prepared for his bout with Lauzon:

“We definitely did our homework on Joe,” Johnson, who spoiled Massachusetts native Lauzon’s homecoming via unanimous decision, told Radio ( “We knew he’s not really a counter-shooter, going in taking shots off people’s punches, and we exposed that in the fight. We definitely didn’t have to worry about his takedowns.”

“I wanted to finish him, but I didn’t want to finish him early,” Johnson said. “I’m really glad the fight went the way it did. I would have rather finished him in the third, but if I would have knocked him out in the first round, you would have had the critics saying, ‘He got lucky. He threw a lucky punch.’

“But it’s pretty hard to deny a 15-minute performance. It doesn’t leave any doubts in people’s minds.”

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