Johnson open to super fight with Barao/Cruz

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Demetrious Johnson was the first ever UFC flyweight champion and has now defend that title three times. Although there is still work to be done to clean out the division, Johnson would welcome a super fight with the bantamweight champion:

“The UFC’s doing a great job finding the new talent that’s out there and signing them,” he said. “There’s great talent. We’ve got a lot of guys on the roster now.”

With all that said, however, Johnson didn’t rule out the possibility of a superfight at 135. UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is set to meet interim champion Renan Barao on Feb. 1 at UFC 169. Johnson wouldn’t mind a shot against the winner, if that’s what the UFC wanted.

“I think if Dana White was to approach me with a superfight and said, ‘Hey, you and Dom or Barao, whoever the champion at 135 is — we’ll make a lot of money if you guys do this fight,’ [I’d say], ‘Sounds good,’” Johnson said. “Let’s make it happen.”

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