Jon Jones jeers Liddell, Davis, and fans concerned about his eye pokes

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prior to the UFC 172 main event, UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell said repeatedly that Glover Teixeira would win it, and that in his prime, he would have beaten Jones too.

“I think I would have been a horrible matchup for him,” said Liddell. “I would have walked through his punches and he wouldn’t have caught me with anything… I would have found a way to hit him, and I hit too hard.”

Liddell's friend and former trainer John Hackleman is the long-time trainer of Glover Teixeira.

The day after the fight, Jones took to Instagram, and rubbed it in.

Talking all that trash before the fight.. you mad bro?

Phil Davis kept up a steady stream of trash talk prior to his fight with Anthony Johnson at UFC 172, but it was directed at Jones.

“He's the champ, and he needs to learn that I soon will be the champ,” said Davis. “So he should probably just either just give it to me, which would be the easiest thing, or he could fight me and he could give it to me that way. Probably the easier way would be to just give it up, just walk over here and say, 'You know what? Honestly, I’m scared. I’m just going to give you the belt.'”

“If Jones got beat, that’s just proof that he’s a chicken and he lost to Glover so he didn’t have to fight me next.”

Jones didn't get beat, he won. The guy who got beat was Davis.

For Davis, Jones let video do the talking.

By contrast, Anthony Johnson actually took to his social network, and defended Davis. Via Facebook.
Was in twitter earlier and saw so called fans of Phil bashing him saying “You let me down” imo that's wrong and you aren't a true fan. Either love the sport or don't or support a fighter thru thick and thin or not. He didn't let you down you weren't taking the punishment.

During the fight Jones used an open handed pawing style that a series of opponents have complained can lead to eye injury.

Fans even put together an eye poke highlight video.

UFC president Dana White addressed the issue in a post UFC 172 interview.

“We gotta stop that stuff,” said White. “The opening of the hands and putting the hands on the face. It's something bad, but you know, it happens with guys who have reach.”

Jones later posted a video on Instagram mocking fan concern.

Jon Jones has an unusual manner on social networks. The UFC light heavyweight champion regularly posts messages that even a short period of reflection reveals to be not in his best interests, and he deletes them. He left up the first two above, and quickly deleted the third.

The two he left will doubtless strike some fans as amusing and deserved, while others will find them petty and mean spirited, believing that sometimes the best revenge is simply being the best in the world.

That Jones deleted the video mocking fans speaks for itself.

Jon Jones has the expressed goal of becoming the greatest fighter of all time. But greatness extends beyond technical ability and into character. If Jon Jones aspires to true greatness, the first and presumably simplest thing he can do is stop posting weird stuff on Instagram that he then has to delete. Or, if he wants to be a heel, be a heel; but heels don't remove offensive messages on the regular, they revel in them.

What Jon Jones is doing right now doesn't look like greatness. It is further evidence that the only thing that can stop Jon Jones is Jon Jones, and maybe he is.