Jon Jones wanted a fight at Heavyweight in 2012, Dana & Lorenzo said no

January 30, 2012

UFC Lightheavyweight Champion Jon Jones appeared on The MMA Hour earlier today. and said he wanted to move up to Heavyweight, but that the UFC nixed the idea at least for the time being.

1:38:30 mark Ariel Helwani: What did you think of your commentating Saturday night.

Jon Jones: I went home and watched it and I didn't feel too bad. (it was) something that the UFC threw at me and I gave it a whirl … I definitely want to try it again. It makes me better ... I was more nervous to do runway modeling.

AH: … you looked sexy :-)

JJ: Why thank you.

AH: They have you listed as a 6-1 favorite … does that surprise you?

JJ: It does surprise me. Rashad has a phenomenal record, and knows how to win … I can't let that alter my mindset. I have to train like I am the underdog and that's the biggest fight of my life.

AH: Were you impressed with what (Rashad) did Saturday night?

JJ: Not really. No. … I didn't really see much progression. He left the team. I think Mike Winklejohn and Greg Jackson were a really good fit for him, and he learned their style. …  I think (with) his new program, I haven't really seen much progression. I think his top control looked a l title tighter, his guard passes looked pretty decent … Phil looked like a sheep, he didn't show much out there … I feel as if (Rashad is) coming down the other side of the hill. Even his body looked softer.

AH: Will Greg (Jackson) be in your corner for (the Rashad Evans) fight?

JJ: I don't think Greg is going to be in my corner. I will respect that. Rashad and Greg had some genuine moments. I won't put him in that position.

AH: Have you started to think seriously Jon about the move up to heavyweight? Do you have a time table as to when you would like to do that?

JJ: Yes, definitely ... I taked to Dana and Lorenzo about taking fight for the fans at the end of 2012. I figured beating beating Henderson, and Rashad, there will be a period where I'm going to figure out who I fight next. And during that period, at the end of 2012, I requested a heavyweight, a top-10 heavyweight … just for the fans ... Dana and Lorenzo did not think that was going to best for me to do right now. They want me to continue in the Lightheavyweight division.

JJ: I'd love to have a respectful relationship with (Rashad), because actually, deep down, I kind of just liked hanging with the guy. He was cool. We had good times. We did a lot of cool stuff together and it sucked that competition came between our friendship. After this fight, I just hope that the respect can be restored. Friendship is not necessary, but the respect should be restored.