Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Trash talk drives mixed martial arts, but sometimes it goes over the top. Chuck Liddell, 48, recently announced he was returning to the sport, and apparently will sign with boxing promoters Golden Boy. And ‘The Iceman’ named Tito Ortiz and eventually Jon Jones as potential opponents.

“In my mind, I’d like to fight two good warm-up fights then I’d like a shot at Jon Jones,” said Liddell, as transcribed by Nicole Bosco for Fansided. “I’m serious I’d like a shot at him, but we’ll see. I think style wise, in my prime, I would have matched up with his perfect. Right now, I don’t know but I would like to take a shot at it.”

Jones was apparently offended.

The scheduling conflicts are yet another failed anti-doping test. Liddell is signing with Golden Boy, not the UFC. UFC fighters can’t fight for other organizations, especially a boxing group trying to enter MMA. The whole thing is silly, at best, and beneath both of them. It makes them appear not very smart.