Jones: Chael’s mouth doesn’t bother me at all

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

“Chael’s [mouth] doesn’t bother me at all,” the UFC light heavyweight champion assured “I think if I was to take it personal, if I wasn’t to understand it, it would bother me. But I have a pretty clear understanding of who Chael is, what he’s accomplished, and my understanding kind of takes the power away from his words and his persona.

“You can see that the talk has picked up a little bit. But Chael is in the ‘promote fight’ business. I guess that’s how he got in this situation in the first place. I’m in the ‘remain champion’ business. So, I’m excited. I’m excited to go out there and do what I do best, and that’s win championships.”

Despite the pair’s time together, Jones isn’t blind. He understood from day one what this match-up entailed.

Sonnen, the ultimate marketing machine, received an instant title shot in a completely different division, just months after crumbling to a Silva second-round TKO.

“It’s definitely safe to say this is one of those fights that’s for the fans,” Jones freely admitted. “Chael doesn’t have the greatest record, but he has a huge following. He’s a statement maker, and people like to see him compete.”

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