Jones: Gustafson got easy fight to protect rematch

Monday, November 04, 2013

Alexander Gustaffson gave Jon Jones his stiffest test to date in their title fight, and many fans and media were hoping for an immediate rematch. Gustafsson will however fight Antonio Nogueira before earning another title fight, but Jones thinks the bout is an easy one to protect a rematch:

“I was like ‘Really? You want him to have the rematch that bad?’ No disrespect to Nogueira, but let’s see Gustafsson versus Cormier. It makes so much sense. Me, Cormier, Gustafsson and Teixeira, the top four guys in the division. Let’s put us all in a little round-robin pool and see who is the toughest out of us four. Why throw Little Nog into the picture? But whatever, I’m gonna fight the toughest one anyway.”

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