Jones: I can’t let Gustafson ‘crush’ my families’ future

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Jon Jones will next defend his title against Alexander Gustafson and although he doesn’t hold any animosity towards his opponent, he does know Gustafson wants what he has and he’s expecting a hard fight to keep what’s his:

“Me and Alexander have no problem with each other to be honest with you. There’s intensity between me and him that I love; it’s nice, it’s refreshing to have, it’s a motivational field for us. But, no real problem with him, I actually respect him, he’s a cool kid. I’ve had beef with a lot of different opponents, but, the way I find my motivation with fighting a guy like Gus is, he wants what I have. I can’t allow that to happen. The sponsors that I’ve got aligned with myself, just the life that I’m trying to build for my family’s future; I can’t allow someone to crush that, so, I need to stay on the prowl.”

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