Jones: I got my toe back intact

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jon Jones beat Chael Sonnen Saturday night, but in the process, at one point he pushed off so forcefully that his toe broke, horribly.

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Jones was visibly shaken when he noticed it during a post fight interview, but later tweeted reassuringly from the hospital.

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Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Yep still at the hospital bone definitely broke through the skin

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Adversity is nothing

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definition of #Warrior

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Got my big toe back intact 🙂

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All done, heading out


There has been intense fan speculation as to whether the toe injury could have given the fight to Sonnen had it been noticed.

The usualy protocol for referees is to allow the fighter to make the choice about fighting if it a broken fighter, toe, or hand (but not if it is a broken arm or leg).

Jones detailed when the toe broke.

“My toe is not doing great, but I’m doing great, so my toe is doing great,” said Jones post fight. “It was somewhere near late in the round and I was springing forward and a felt a ‘pop.’ I thought my foot had got caught in a hole — I’ve had that happen at Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA, we have a hole in our canvas. I stubbed my big toe in it, and I was fine, but I told coach that we need to get it fixed because it’s pretty dangerous. I thought that was the scenario here tonight, but when the fight was over and I saw blood, then I look closer and saw that my toe was upside-down.”

Jones performed ferociously with the broken toe. When he first noticed the break, he blanched, but believes his corner would have carried him through the shock and surprise.

“This toe is not going to slow me down, no way,” said Jones. “With the coaching staff that I have, to be dead honest with you, I don’t think they would have allowed me to dwell on it too much. They probably would have tried twisting on it and making me go back out there. That’s the name of the game — try to live like a warrior, be a warrior. And unless I go through crazy stuff like that I’ll never know how much of a warrior I can be.”