Jones: I think I am a little arrogant

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mike Chiapetta via Fox Sports

At only twenty six years of age, Jon Jones is a seven time defending light heavyweight champion. That would make anyone a little cocky and arrogant, something Jones himself even admitted to a recent interview:

“I think I am. I think I am a little arrogant,” he said on Monday. “I think it's really important. The thing about me I say all the time is, I notice that I'm full of myself and I am arrogant to some degree, but it's obviously only when it comes to talking about MMA, where literally, I do the wildest stuff. I don't think I live like a celebrity at all. All my friends are normal people, normal dudes who do the most normal stuff all the time. But when it comes to MMA, there is a big chip on my shoulder. There is a way that I look at myself, and I think it's really, really important. It's something I'm not really apologetic for. As I get older and as I win more, I start to embrace it even more. The biggest thing is not to be apologetic for it. I realize it's a big part of the reason I'm able to perform out there. The moment I let fear seep is the moment the fights start getting closer and closer. So yeah, I think it's important to be an absolute believer and have that confidence.”

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