Jones: I went 80% versus Gustafsson

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Without a doubt, Alexander Gustafsson gave Jon Jones the toughest challenge in his title career, taking the champion to a five round decision. Reflecting on the bout, Jones believe the fight was only so close because he didn't give his full effort:

Damon Martin via Fox Sports

“I went 80-percent,” Jones said about the Gustafsson fight.  “I'm not making any excuses, Gustafsson did a great job in the fight, but I know I had a lot more in me.  I did some of the cardio tests that I normally do and my numbers weren't the same. 

“Me knowing that, I still went into the fight thinking well since I can't perform excellent, maybe I'll still perform really, really high and still really, really good and maybe the fight will be a little bit closer if I just put half the effort in.  I learned the lesson the hard way that you have to give full effort.”

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