Jones: Silva and I at completely different places

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

“I absolutely know that I am not unbeatable. There is no one that is unbeatable. I don’t compare myself to Anderson Silva and the fight that he lost, it has nothing to do with me”

The Light Heavyweight champion (18-1) continued, explaining how the two are at completely different points in their respective MMA careers:

“Silva has been in the game for a long time and maybe he’s at the end of his career, but I just turned 26 years-old — [have] no injuries — I am at the very beginning of my career. We are at completely different stages as far as drive and motivation.”

Not wanting to call Silva’s drive and determination into question, Jones caught himself and quickly clarified what he really meant to eliminate possible misinterpretation.

His take:

“I can’t say drive or motivation, but we are at completely different levels in where we are at. He’s been doing this for so long and I am just getting started.”

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