Jones: Sonnen almost gained an exception

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jon Jones has been very vocal against cheating and drug abusers in mixed martial arts, but during a recent episode of the MMA Hour, gave praise to the way Chael Sonnen recently handled his situation:

“I watched him on 'UFC Tonight' and I thought he handled it very responsibly. I really admire him being vulnerable and telling the world about his situation with his wife and things like that. I've been very vocal about not respecting steroid users and guys who cheat. But, Chael almost gained an exception with the way he handled it and the way he was just so honest and upfront with the fans and other fighters about the whole situation. So, it's never good for the sport to see something like this, but in a way it was a win for Chael because he got to let some things off his heart, off his chest and just be real with everybody. Man, I'm sure he has a sense of freedom because of it. I'm happy for him.”

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