Jones: Training w/ Evans’ old coaches ‘almost unfair’

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“There were people at Greg Jackson’s gym that he never even said hi to,” Jones said of Evans. He may mourn the loss of the original team now — what Evans refers to as the “Jackson Five” — but when he was there he was only interested in hanging out with “the elites,” according to Jones.

“He’s never gone to a team dinner,” said Jones. “He never went out and said, ‘Hey, let me buy these other guys a drink because I can afford it.’ It was not like that. He just had [Donald] ‘Cowboy’ [Cerrone], and basically the guys who had money in the bank and could hang with him, dress with him, and look good standing next to him at the club. That’s not a team member.”

“I have the coaches that taught him how to fight,” said Jones. “They taught him the guard passes he uses, the ground-and-pound system that he uses, the punches that he used to throw and the combinations. I mean, it almost seems not fair sometimes.”

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