Jones to Cormier: You shouldn’t get a title shot beating cans

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Following his win over the unheralded Patrick Cummins at light heavyweight Daniel Cormier told UFC Tonight's Ariel Helwani he wants either a title shot or the next best thing.

“He wants nothing less than a number-one contender match,” related Helwani. “He says he’ll be ok fighting the winner of Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson. If Jimi Manuwa beats Alexander Gustafsson, he believes he should get the next title fight. He wants number-one contender or title shot right away.”

When that failed to elicit a response from Jones, Cormier sent him a direct message, via FOX Sports.

“Hey Jon, this is Daniel Cormier -?? bro, brother, would you be willing to give me a title shot?” Cormier asks.  “I'm asking nicely.  I'm not being aggressive.  I'm not trying to be confrontational, Jon, I'm just asking.  Would you be willing to give me a chance to fight? Please, brother, please. Make the decision.”

Now Jones responds directly, via the Great MMA Debate radio show.

“First and foremost, since you're speaking more respectfully, I'll say congratulations on your victory and your weight loss,” said Jones as transcribed by MMA Mania. “But as far as giving you a title shot, I have no interest in fighting you right now, only because of the fact that you really haven't fought anyone that I consider a top level fighter. I'm kind of sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fight against kind of like 'cans' until they get a title shot. I really want to see a top contender fight a top contender and I think you need to fight someone a little bit more well-known than Patrick Cummins. Fight against Rashad, fight against somebody legit, man. Then I think it would be a little more appropriate to give you that title shot.”