Jones vs. Teixeira next on Superbowl weekend in NJ

Thursday, September 26, 2013

When Alexander Gustafsson gave Jon Jones the fight of his life Saturday night, an immediate rematch appeared to be in the offing.

Gustafsson wanted it.

“I’m down whenever,” Gustafsson told Fox Sports late Saturday night. “I want a rematch right away if I can. It’s up to the UFC.”

The UFC appeared amenable.

“Who doesn’t want to see this rematch?” said UFC president Dana White.

Even Teixeira didn’t appear ready to stand in the way.

“It is the way it is,” said Glover. “I’m not going to say that he doesn’t deserve a rematch. It was a phenomenal fight, and we’ll see what happens.”

Everything appeared to be set, and the odds makers called Gustafsson an underdog, although with lower odds than the first time.

Then Jon Jones watched the rematch. Again and again, a reported ten times in all, and decided that he won the fight decisively, and that a rematch was not immediately necessary.

Ariel Helwani on UFC Tonight Wednesday, and explained.

“Right after the fight, [Jones] thought the most fair thing to do was to grant Alexander Gustafsson a rematch,” said Helwani. “Now, after watching the fight over ten more [times], Jones thinks he decisively won rounds two, four and five and that he decisively won the fight, so the most fair thing to do is to move on.”

White confirmed to on Wednesday that Jones’ next title defense would be the #1 contender, 33 year old former member of the Brazilian National Wrestling Team, Glover Teixeira.

“That’s what the champ wants,” White said. “We’ll probably have that fight on the Super Bowl card in New Jersey.”

And what of Gustafsson?

“Around the same time of the Jones-Teixeira fight, Gustafsson will fight in Sweden,” said White. “I don’t have an official date for that yet.”

The UFC released a statement from Jones.

“I said before the fight my sights were set on breaking the record,” said Jones. “I want to crush the record. I want to beat the record so bad it can never be broken.

“I’m going to fight Glover and I will answer all the critics about the Gustafsson fight. I will fight Gustafsson after I fight Glover. I won the fight but I look at it as a blemish on my record because some people think I didn’t. I promise you, he will be next.”