Jose Aldo open to move to lightweight division

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It’s a fight between two very explosive guys,” Aldo said through an interpreter on Tuesday. “Anything can go.”

But there’s another reason why Aldo is eager for the pseudo-superfight on Feb. 2 in Las Vegas. As Aldo explained to Los Angeles-area reporters at a media luncheon, a fight against the man who reigned over the lightweight division for two years is a good gauge as to whether the longtime featherweight champ is ready for a jump up to 155 pounds.

“I’ve considered going to lightweight,” said Aldo. “As soon as my trainer decides that I can go up, then I will. This fight with Edgar will be a turning point. If I can win [against] him well, then I can prove that I can go [to lightweight].

“He has a very strong reputation thanks to destroying several opponents,” Aldo continued. “That’s the motivation for me to face him and that will be probably my last biggest challenge [at featherweight].”

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