Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis to fight for title in August

Monday, February 25, 2013

At the UFC 157 post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White revealed that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo was refusing a fight with Anthony Pettis, who would be dropping down from lightweight for the first time.

In an interview with Tatame, Aldo clarified his stance.

Tatame: Dana White said at the press conference after UFC 157 Saturday that you won’t want to accept the fight with Anthony Pettis. Is this true or will you accept the fight?

Jose Aldo: Nothing is signed. We are hoping for the best for us. I haven’t talked to (my manager) Dede, I do not know how the case is. Not watched the event yesterday, because I was asleep, so I’m waiting. First I’ll talk to Dede to learn is how the whole situation.

Tatame: The possibility exists that the fight be refused?

JO: This is very concerning, we do not know what is going on. It’s a big fight that everyone wants to see, but first I have to talk to Dede.

Tatame: The UFC put Frankie Edgar in a superfight against you, and now want to put Pettis. Do you agree with this “stuck queue”?

JO: No. They created a ranking for not just that, but is not serving for nothing, because they’re pulling people from other categories. This is only happening on my weight, I see it nowhere else. Everyone talks about superfights, but it never occurs in other divisions. We have to sit down and talk with the UFC to see a solution to this case. Why not put Anderson Silva against all others who are wanting to fight for years?

Tatame: Why do you think this is occurring at featherweight?

JO: Yeah (laughs), I do not know if there’s any reason for it or not, but no matter. Whoever does not choose a champion opponent or location. We have to be ready at any time and that’s what I do. I prepare to give my very best.

Tatame: Do you think other opponents like Ricardo Lamas, before Pettis deserved this chance?

JO: The fighter who deserves the first chance is Ricardo Lamas, because he beat Erik Koch, who was the next contender. He has earned the chance after the victory. Cub Swanson is one that is growing too large. They are athletes of the class, struggling for a long time for a place for the belt, which never arrives according to opponents of the UFC put up category. If the UFC wants a superfight, I do not see any problem. I fight whoever, but the belt has to be against Lamas or Swanson.

Tatame: So you believe that the fight against Pettis should not rely on the title?

JO: Not for me. As a guy will fight for the belt if he never fought in our weight? It is an injustice to others. Do not say no to me, because I’m the champion and I fight whoever comes, but it is an injustice because everyone is training, winning his fights, thinking about becoming champion. Meanwhile, someone comes up category, asks a chance and gives UFC.

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After all that was said, word now comes from White that the fight is going to happen.

Dana White @danawhite
Aldo vs Pettis is ON!!!!!

Dana White @danawhite
Yes Aldo vs Pettis and it’s for Aldo’s UFC 145lb title

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Damon Martin provides some further details.

Damon Martin @DamonMartin
BREAKING: Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis is on for August. Dana just spoke to his manager, deal is done.