Josh Barnett: BJJ NOT a fight, boxing is 1/3 of a fight

Monday, January 28, 2013

Josh Barnett recently attended a BJJ tournament, and offered his thoughts, via Twitter.

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
Just overheard, “How many fights did you have today?”. The answer is none. You’ve had zero fights today. Doing BJJ is NOT a fight.

well I just heard “sweet I get a medal because my guy did not show up.”

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
Such a proud victory.

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
I just watched two grown men jump in the air at each other and start scissoring. They scissored each other in mid air. And I paid to get in.

Josh Barnett ‏@JoshLBarnett
Boxing is a fight. 1/3 of a fight maybe but still a fight. To me for something to be called a fight it must involve striking your opponent.

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Do you think a BJJ match is a fight? How about a professional boxing bout?