Josh Barnett promoting Japan benefit concert in W Hollywood on 5/28

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am Throwing A Benefit Concert For Japan, 5/26

From: Josh Barnett
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Hey everyone,

Everyone by now is aware of the the recent devastation suffered by Japan and it’s people from the earthquakes, tsunami and even radiation issues. As someone who has been working and even sometimes living in Japan I felt compelled to try and help in whatever way I could. One phone call and small idea turned into many and a big concert at the House of Blues in Hollywood, “The Sun Forever Rising”. The media may have moved on to royal weddings and celebrity gossip but I and others haven’t forgotten about those still struggling across the Pacific.

Many great people have come together to help make this a reality and I am very proud to present not only an amazing show but all for a great cause. The Red Cross has given me their endorsement and all the net proceeds will be going to them. Every single cent I can raise I want to put to use to help a country mend it’s wounds.

Being as metal as I am, a heavy metal concert just made the most sense! Headlining will be All Shall Perish with Animals As Leaders, Cattle Decapitation, Abysmal Dawn, Internal Corrosion, and Thrown Into Exile.

If you can, please come out, show your support and rock out with us. If not then you can still help by donating to the Red Cross and donating to “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami”

Josh Barnett Presents:
The Sun Forever Rising with All Shall Perish
Benefit Concert


Josh Barnett

The Sun Forever Rising: A Benefit for Japan with All Shall Perish

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