Justin Wren starts a new year Fighting for the Forgotten

Friday, January 03, 2014


In October, Justin Wren left the comfort of the USA, and headed for the Congo. He will spend the next year trying to free 1,000 Mbuti Pygmy slaves. His Fight for the Forgotten project aims to barter their freedom, move them onto already-purchased land, and teach them self-sustainable skills.

Wren’s story is being being chronicled by SI MMA writer and New York Times bestselling author Loretta Hunt. Howard Books, the Christian imprint of Simon & Schuster, has bought the book, which will be titled Fight for the Forgotten.

In November Wren had to overcome Typhoid Fever, Malaria, and diarhea, the three greatest killers of the MButi people, who suffer from perhaps the shortest lifespan on Earth.

Wren spent New Years Day in far happier circumstances, via Twitter.

Justin Wren UFC ‏@JustinTheViking

I dare you not to have ur heart-warmed! The Congo/Swahili version of “This little piggy went…”

When your the only man with long hair these kids ( and adults) have ever seen… Your gonna get your hair-did! #CongoFun #IloveTheseKids

This is why it was grown, the Pygmies will love it. 🙂 They said my beard was the softest hair they felt, now head hair.

You can’t be on the wrong path if the steps you have taken are because the love of God led you there.

For more information, please check out fightfortheforgotten.com/