Kansas AC changes Rosholt DQ to NC

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At Titan Fighting Championship 18 on Friday, May 27, Jake Rosholt was disqualified in his fight against John Ott for a knee to the head of a downed opponent late in the third round, a foul under the Unified Rules. Rosholt appealed the decision, maintaining his stance that the knee was an accidental foul.

Rosholt said of Itt “You know, do I think he (milked it)? Yeah, I think he did. Can I judge him or is it my place to judge him about what he did? No. It was his own decision. If he was hurt that bad, he was hurt that bad, but I sure think that he played it up a little bit. I don’t understand how you can watch the video and not think that he did. The guy popped right back up, walked to the center, threw his thumbs up, the ref comes back over to him and says it was an illegal knee and he starts getting wobbly. So yeah, I think for sure he played it up a little bit.”

Now the Kansas Athletic Commission has changed Jake Rosholt’s disqualification loss to John Ott to a no-contest

KAC Boxing Commissioner Troye Blackmon confirmed the change today with MMAjunkie.com and said the decision had been made “a few weeks ago.”

Rosholt’s manager said it is a just outcome considering the circumstances of the fight.

“Obviously, we’d hoped to get a win,” said Ted Ehrhardt of Team Takedown, which reps Rosholt. “But a no-contest is better than a loss, and I think with all the events the way they occurred, I think that’s probably the most fair thing that could have been done for both fighters.”

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