Karlos Vemola: I’d give Jon Jones trouble

Thursday, July 07, 2011

How do you feel you would do if you were matched-up against Jon Jones right now? Do you think he would be in trouble with you?

I would like to think so. I think anyone would be in trouble with me. I would love to get up the top there. Jon Jones was lucky, he got his chance very early and very young so fair play to him, he’s the youngest champ in UFC history. Everyone is eager for this chance, everyone wants to fight for the title, but everyone has to deserve it so that’s why I need a fight like Stephan Bonnar or someone like that to prove I’m good enough to get the chance.

Many people regarded you as the best heavyweight fighting in the UK before you went on to bigger things…who do you think filled the void you left? Who is the man now?

Who is the man now? It’s up and down now in the heavyweights. I like Ben Smith, he lost a couple of fights but now he’s coming back. We’ve got Mark Potter coming up. There’s Oli Thompson who I’ve trained with before, I’ve trained with Mark Potter I’ve trained with all of them. Mark has great hands.

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