Kathy Long recalls UFC I, Teila’s toothie

Sunday, July 05, 2009

When asked if she had any idea of what the event was going to be prior to it actually happening, Long replied, “No, we really had no clue. That seemed to be the theme throughout the entire evening; no one had a clue.

“It certainly made for an exciting event, though.”

Long expanded on the notion that uncertainty was not only a concept for the action within the cage itself, but also behind the scenes as well.

“The massive confusion in the rules meeting and in the dressing rooms was very apparent,” she commented. No one quite knew what was going on. There was a strong debate on whether or not to use gloves, boxing gloves, no gloves or hand-wraps only.

“No one quite knew what should be done, could be done, and there was quite a bit of confusion in that rule meeting. The event went off, and I think people were really excited with what went on, but confused at the same time.”

The thing that most sticks out in Long’s mind was not so much about the evening’s outcome, but more so something that happened while cage side.

“A tooth flying by me was probably one of the most memorable moments,” she recalled. “I don’t know who got hit, but they got hit pretty squarely in the face and his tooth literally flew right past me.”

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