Kennedy: Firas Zahabi makes fighters boring, not Greg Jackson

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jackson’s MMA has the reputation is some quarters for turning out fighters who win by the rules, but do not risk going for the finish. The criticism is most pointed at UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who has just one fight stoppage in over five years.

However, UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy says that it is not Greg Jackson that crafted for GSP a style that some fans call boring, it was Firas Zahabi, owner of the Montreal-based TriStar Gym. And, Kennedy charges, Zahabi did the same thing to Rory MacDonald.

“Even when they said it, it was ridiculous,” Kennedy told MMAMania‘s Matthew Roth. “Totally unfounded. If you look at the past ten fights. The fighters that have won the ‘submission of the night,’ the ‘knockout of the night,’ and ‘fight of the night’ bonuses are almost exclusively Jackson guys.”

“In my last fight camp, it was me, Rustam, Adlan, and Cerrone, all in fight camp at the same time. All of us fighting three weeks apart and all of us had a ‘knockout of the night’ or ‘fight of the night.’ Then you look at Firas  and you look at Rory MacDonald.”

“I remember when (Rory MacDonald) fought Nate Diaz and it was extreme grappling, vicious strikes. That guy was scary. Now we’re two years removed from that fight and the transition is now a guy jabbing from the outside. Not even in volume. It’s just horrible. It’s so boring.”

“I felt bad for Robbie Lawler. He only knows one way of fighting, which is violently. But to fight violently, you need a guy who is going to participate.”

What do you think UG? FIrst of all, are GSP and Rory MacDonald boring fighters? If you do think they are boring, do you think their coaches had an influence, and if so, which coach?