Kennedy fought Natal with torn quadricep

Thursday, November 07, 2013

“I tore my quad coming into this camp,” Kennedy told the media at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. “The very last week of fight camp, just a stupid thing happened. A lady walked over the track and it was either run over a 65 year-old lady – probably kill her – or try to decelerate in about two meters. I chose to decelerate and just fell to the ground, grabbing my leg screaming not great words.”

Kennedy, however, remained undeterred. The former special forces operator said, come hell or high water, there was nothing that was going to keep him from competing on Wednesday evening. It didn’t matter what condition was ultimately in by fight time.

“If they had to roll me into the cage to fight Natal, I would’ve fought him,” Kennedy continued. “In the cage, once they hoisted me up and lifted me into the cage, Natal would’ve had to shoot me and bludgeon me to death until I quit.

“I’m too dumb to care.”

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