Kenny Florian analyzes the hometown (dis)advantage

Monday, August 26, 2013

Former UFC middleweight, welterweight, lightweight, and featherweight fighter Kenny Florian has a new weekly column for FOX sports, and today he examines the home court advantage.

While the homecourt advantage is a fact in football, baseball, basketball, etc, as Florian knowns intimately, in MMA things are a little bit different.

The field of play is always the same – the Octagon never changes – but there are a number of plusses to fighting at home, as Florian so ably points out:
•It is motivating to hear the thunderous roar of a hometown crowd, and the judges and refs hear it, too.
•Time zone.
•Eating the food that you are most accustomed to, having family and friends for support, and not having to fly several hours.

There are however minuses as well:
•Friends and family will contact you, constantly asking how you are feeling and how training camp is going. They also ask for more tickets than you have at your disposal.
•Hometown media outlet obligation.

The coming weeks will see the hometown advantage/disadvantage put to the test:
•Anthony Pettis will be in his hometown of Milwaukee challenging Benson Henderson on Aug. 31 to defend his lightweight UFC belt.
•Demian Maia will be fighting Jake Shields in his home country of Brazil in October.
•A couple weeks later, Michael Bisping will be fighting in his home country of England against an American, Mark Munoz.

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So what do you think UG? Did you ever think of hometown disadvantages? And how do you think Pettis, Maia, and Bisping will do? Remember, Bisping has never lost in the UK…