Kenny Florian can still taste the blood from Sherk fight

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kenny Florian sat down with Jonathan Snowden in a wide-ranging interview, that covers his greatest moments in MMA, from the very beginning.

“It was kind of like my experience in The Ultimate Fighter when I didn’t really realize how big it was,” said Florian of his fight with Sean Sherk. “Which was kind of good for me. I just kind of fought my ass off. I knew I was outgunned against Sean Sherk. The guy had almost 40 fights to my, like, seven.

“Big, strong guy, lots of experience. But for me, I went in there to kill. And that’s why I walked out with the samurai outfit. That was my feeling. I was going out there to die. Win or die. That’s what I was prepared for. It was a great experience. Fighting for the championship, it was so early in my career…it was crazy. You don’t pass up opportunities like that. I had to do it.”

“(The blood) gave me motivation. The fans just went nuts. There was so much blood in the cage that night from him. Literally, it was the next day, and I had already taken two or three showers—the next day I still found blood in my ear, outside my ear. I found it inside, like rolled up in my eyelids.

“There was so much blood, I can’t even tell you. It was ridiculous. I can still taste it to this day. Like liquid metal. It was nuts. And definitely it motivated me. And that was a war. That was a war. I remember peeing blood after that.”

“When I went back I said, ‘Here’s the deal.’ I was kind of dealing with some injuries. I could have done some other things differently. I didn’t have a strength and conditioning coach. I could have been eating a little bit better year-round. I could have been training a little bit more. It was a kick in the ass for me and got me to train like a true professional. I was a professional fighter fighting. After that, I became a professional who fought… A professional athlete.

“And that’s the way I approached it. It really paid off. Before every fight, I always worked harder and harder, and I was able to increase my capacity to train more and more…those losses provided so much fuel for me.”