Kevin Randleman ill: ‘I will fight to live’

Friday, January 20, 2012

Just 16 hours ago former UFC champion Kevin “The Monster” Randleman reported that he has an undisclosed illness, via twitter.

Kevin Randleman
2 min after Dr. Office and I am trying to process wtf he told me. I saw some pieces on kids and cancer and realize I will fight to live.

Kevin Randleman
Just as I’ve always lived my life in its face. Never give up never surrender and never go easy into the goodnight. Semper fidelis
what’s going on champ

Kevin Randleman
have figure some things out , b 4 I say anything more. Someone got worse news than me today, so bright spot.

Kevin Randleman
Okay sorry I will explain. I thought I was a healthy Guy ready to fight again, well I’m not but it is fixable with time. Not dying soon

Stuart Howarth
wish I was in Vegas Kevin could do with a bit of training. Cancer is kicking my ass a little

Kevin Randleman
As for the cancer comment. I have a good friend Kevin hoyt a Vegas fireman he beat cancer and his slogan after was and is it ain’t cancer.

Kevin Randleman
Dmn this twitter can get out of hand. Ill just stick to MMA shit and what I read in the MMA mags. Personal is out. Whew!

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Whatever the malady facing The Monster, the entire sport joins in trusting that this is what will happen to it: