Kevin Randleman not rushing after five surgeries in three years

Thursday, February 03, 2011

“Any fighter will tell you that the hardest thing to do is wait to heal but I have learned my lesson — the hard way unfortunately — and I did way more harm than good for myself pushing too much too soon. I also realized that when I would get in the cage that getting hurt was something that was always in the back of my mind because I knew I wasn’t 100%. I just tried to talk myself into it — because I wanted to fight so bad.”

“There are some options on the table, which I feel very lucky to have, but I am not rushing. I started training solid after the new year and I will continue to train as if I had a fight In March or April so that once I lock something in I will already be primed and ready for a solid camp.”

Npw training with Sean Tompkins at the TapouT Training Center is Las Vegas, Randleman said “I have always trained hard and had some great training partners over the years. But it is different when you get to roll around with the same crew night after night and help your teammates get victories and watch them grow because of you being there every night.

“Consistency. It is a great thing in life on so many levels and I feel very grounded in my training right now, as well as very focused on what is most important to me. Although I have broadened my training, being consistent in my training is what has helped me find my way back to my roots. I am a striker and a wrestler and that will be my game plan no matter who I am fighting.”

“Makeup (for a role as Wushu assassins in Men in Black 3)  took about three hours every day and although there is a lot of waiting around it was overall — just a really good time for me. I hope that this opens many more doors for me in the future in this industry.”

“With over a dozen surgeries in five years most expected me to hang it up — but all it did was make me hungry. Having the month and a half off to film the movie really gave me a great perspective on just how much fighting is in my blood and how I am not done — not even close.”

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