Kimbo Slice scores one punch KO in 2nd boxing bout

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kimbo Slice may be done with MMA but he’s finding success against the lowest level heavyweights boxing has to offer.

Tay Bledsoe entered the ring with a 2-3 record having won his first two bouts and then getting knocked out in 1:18 of the first round, 1:35 of the first round and 0:55 of the second round.

The other area that the promoter Gary Shaw and son “Skala”  seem to be focusing on aside from a tendency to get knocked out is finding small fighters to stand across the ring from Kimbo. His first opponent, James Wade, weighed in at 205 pounds to Kimbo’s 227 and Bledsoe was 209 to Kimbo’s 244.

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