Kimbo Slice wins pro boxing debut in 10 seconds

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Former viral video star and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice won his pro-boxing debut in devastating fashion. Slice landed a huge right hand that put James Wade out, and left him lying motionless on the bottom rope.

This makes the 39-year-old Wade, 0-2 for his boxing career.

Team Kimbo Promotional Advisor.Jared ‘Skala’ Shaw twittered ecstatically.

Told u he’s a injection into heavy weight division … Thanks for the opportunity @danawhite #dumb

This in turn generated derisive comments from the twitterverse, and things decended predictably.

Keyboard warriors humor me show your face and your name to us … come say it to kimbos face , that’s what I thought #laughable #haters

In a more positive vein, Skala enthused about Kimbo’s boxing prospects, and envisions matriculating up the rankings. “We realize this is a climb, and Kimbo is serious about making a run in this sport. Before you can walk, you crawl. Before you reach the roof, you climb, and that is what we are doing. We are working our way through the division and plan to matriculate up the rankings. Aug. 13 is the day the real YouTube phenomenon Kimbo Slice made his statement. He’s here, and he’s not leaving until someone else’s gloves say so. In my opinion, he’s the toughest out in the heavyweight division due to his true one-punch knockout power.”

Skala reports that Kimbo likely to return to the ring on Oct. 15, the same date as Hopkins vs. Dawson