King Mo: I’m gonna put Rampage’s b—- ass on the B-team

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Rampage has seen a fair share of beef in his twelve-year-long career. If these fighting words from King Mo are anything to go by, a slow-boiling feud could well boil over into one last rivalry:

“Rampage can talk all that noise, but I’m gonna take his spot,” said Lawall. “I’m gonna put his bitch ass on the B-Team!

“His punk ass wants to say I won’t stand up and box him. I will box him with the little gloves on. I’ll box him.

“The thing is, I can take him down. He can’t stop my takedowns, you know what I’m saying? Trust me. But I can make it interesting and embarrass him at his own game and stand with him.”

Now that Zuffa has purchased Strikeforce, and are slowly stripping away the top fighters from the former number two promoption, King Mo could very well be set for a February 2012 date with Rampage, when the UFC makes its long awaited return to Japan.

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