King Mo: MMA is entertainment, not a sport

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Muhammed 'King Mo' Lawal took part in a Bellator: Dynamite media day recently in Hollywood and identified the biggest name in Mixed Martial Arts. And he says there something wrong with it.

“Dana!” said Lawal as transcribed by Marc Raimondi for “Dana White. Biggest star. Hands down. Here's the problem with MMA.”

“Dana White is a smart guy. He branded himself. But in order for MMA to be a true sport … the biggest star has to be an actual fighter. Straight up.

“MMA is entertainment. People don't get that. 'Oh, it's a sport.' When fans are like, 'This is a black eye for our sport.' No, it's entertainment, playa. You got the game wrong. This is entertainment. We're here to entertain. It's entertainment. It ain't really a true sport just yet. If it's gonna be a true sport, they gotta do a lot more to make it a true sport.”

“If the [football] game is 3-0, what do y'all say? Defense wins games. Basketball in a low-scoring game, man that's great defense. The Spurs, great team. Ravens, great team. Defensive team. It doesn't have to be a blowout, if it's a high-scoring game, oh we're entertained. That's crazy. But the defense of these teams suck. That's what y'all say. MMA, if I'm 30-0 and I got 29 decisions, what are people gonna say about me? That I'm boring. 'Oh, Mo just lays and prays. Mo did this. Boo!' And guess what's gonna happen? If they start booing me because I fight a certain way, this is what's gonna happen: I might get cut if I lose and I won't headline nothing. In true sports, all that matters is the result.”

“Football, basketball, baseball, those sports that I named, people grew up playing those sports, so they're more educated in it. They actually participated, so they know it's not easy to catch a pass with someone in your face. They know it's not easy kicking field goals. MMA, all of a sudden people think it's easy. 'Oh, you should go out there and finish your opponent.' You think it's easy to finish your opponent? If it's so easy, then why aren't you fighting?”

“MMA people have a short memory. All they want to see is blood and guts and things like that. They don't care about technique. You actually care about the technique and tactics when you start to do it and participate yourself.”

“They drink some beers. They talk about MMA or UFC or Bellator or World Series Fighting and they talk like they can do it themselves. That's because some people in the higher-ups in the sport do the same thing. They talk like they can fight, but in actuality they've never even fought before. They haven't stepped foot in the cage or a boxing ring. Or anything. They might have trained a little bit, but they never fought before. So, how you gonna tell me what to do when you never fought before? And that's what the fans do.”

“It don't affect me. It's good for [Dana White]. It don't affect me at all, because I'm in Bellator. I'm just doing my thing. I don't care about the spotlight. I just care to win my fights, get paid, kick it with my family, kick it with my friends. And when Bellator needs a fight and [someone to] put on a good show or win fights, they hit me up. I'm in shape, I do it. To me, MMA is my job.”

Lawal fights in a one-night, four-man tournament on Saturday, with the winner getting a shot at the winner of champion Liam McGeary vs. Tito Ortiz, which takes place the same night at the 'Big Tent' Bellator: Dynamite event.