King Mo on Jacob Noe: F@$%ing F@$%er F@$%s

Thursday, June 27, 2013

‘King’ Mo Lawal and Jacob Noe are scheduled to fight in the finals of the latest Bellator tournament. The opponent of each fighter, Renato Sobral and Seth Petruzelli respectively, retired following their bouts in tournament.

In an interview with BloodyElbow’s Steph Daniels, Lawal, never one to hold his feelings back, details his disdain with Noe, and his recent, related departure from The Syndicate in Las Vegas. He also had harsh words for Syndicate’s head MMA coach and owner of record John Wood.

“Babalu should have beaten him,” said Lawal of Noe. “His takedown defense is trash, and I hope he tries that against me, because if he uses that trash, he’ll get taken down with ease. That s— was garbage. He’s a b—-. Jacob Noe is a b—-. He’s a f—ing b—-.”

“He talked all that s—. Did he think I wouldn’t find out? I got boys in Memphis, too. Talking about fighting me and this and that, but whenever I see his punk ass, he won’t even make eye contact. F— him and f— whoever is down with him and f— whatever gym he trains at. F— all them.”

“I guess Jacob moved out to Vegas, and three weeks ago Amanda Lucas’ husband, he owns The Syndicate, he came up to me and said, ‘Mo, we have a situation. Jacob Noe joined the team, but we’d like for you to train here still. Maybe Roy, and whoever else is with you, can work out before or after the time that he’s here.’ That was cool.

“Then, John Woods (sic) came up to me and says [in a very affected voice], ‘Hey homie, we’ve got a little situation here’ you know how them Orange County white boys talk, ‘Hey dude, hey homie, we’ve got a little situation here. My homeboy Jacob Noe just joined the team, so I guess you can’t train here anymore.'”

“I was like, ‘Okay, cool, because the real owner just told me a different story, but if that’s how you want to play it, cool. I’ll bounce.’ There ain’t no secrets in MMA. A jab is a jab. I’ll even train with the dude. I don’t give a damn. I don’t have a problem training with someone I’m gonna fight. Ain’t no secrets to combat. I’ll still whip his ass.”

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