King Mo plans to ‘put that spinning s#!* to rest’

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bellator light heavyweight contender King Mo Lawal talks with’s Percy Crawford  about his fight June 19 clash with Seth Petruzelli.

Of particular interest is Lawal’s remarks about spinning strikes.

Percy Crawford: Do you feel like you have a lot to prove to the Bellator fans being that you didn’t accomplish what you set out to accomplish during your first tournament with the company?

King Mo: All I gotta do is prove that I’m the best by going out there and winning and I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna win this tournament and then I’m gonna beat whoever has the belt at the time. Hopefully it’s…what’s that boy’s name…Emanuel Newton, so I can erase this wrong and make it right and then defend the belt.

PC: What do you see as Seth Petruzelli’s strengths?

KM: He’s unorthodox and he kicks real good and he has power, you know what I’m saying? The thing is, he will try that spinning s—; spinning backfist, spinning back kicks and wheel kicks, and spinning back elbows. I ain’t having that no more. I’m gonna break that s—. You try some spinning s— on me, you’re gonna fail. That’s the trend now, but that s— ain’t gonna work on me no more. And granted, I got hit with it, but he just threw it. It’s not like he saw a weakness and threw it in a calculated form. He just threw it because that’s all he had with his back turned. But the spinning s— is what everybody is trying. It’s the new trend. You know how MMA goes in trends. First everyone was boxing and kickboxing, then it was wrestling and Jiu Jitsu and everybody trying armbars and triangles, and then sprawl and brawl and then ground and pound, and now it’s the spinning s—. I’m putting all that spinning s— to rest.

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