Kingsbury promises ‘bloody war’ with Bonnar

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“I know Stephan wants to take it to the ground,” Kingsbury told HeavyMMA. “He sees my ground game as a weakness. Watching my past fights going back to TUF, he probably sees the ground as an opportunity or a weakness to exploit. Obviously my strength is going to be my stand-up and I’m sure he feels getting me to the ground would make a much easier fight for him. For me, I have to keep it standing and I want this to be one of the ‘Fight of the Night’ performances.

“It is going to be in front of my home town crowd and I want people to be talking about this fight even after it is over. I want people to say, ‘Damn that was exciting. That was awesome.’ That is the kind of performance I want. I know, in order to get that, we have to be able to stand and bang with each other. Whether it is from the outside or in the clinch, I’m prepared to keep this fight on our feet. I need to out-work, out-hustle and use my technique to make the difference in the stand-up.”

A win over Bonnar at UFC 139 would be a solid step in Kingsbury’s career. And while he isn ’t in the business of predicting outcomes, Kingsbury guaranteed excitement for UFC fans.

“Whether we end up getting the “Fight of the Night” honors or not, we are going to put on that caliber of performance. It’s going to be nothing but fireworks, a bloody mess and everybody is going to love it.”

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