Kit Cope: Most dudes in MMA are ‘vaginas’

Friday, September 07, 2012

Kit Cope, a Muay Thai champion turned MMA fighter, is returning to his roots, fighting in K-1 soon, and offered some controversial words for MMA fighters.

If that doesn’t drive you crazy enough, he used to date Gina Carano.

“In every fight sport, the fighters have the same warrior spirit, and same heart and Bushido as every other fight sport,” said Cope. “I was just saying that mostly in MMA, dudes are vaginas. Even the kickboxers in MMA are vaginas.

“They don’t wanna stand. They don’t wanna trade punches… They don’t like to strike at all. They want to close the distance really fast, and get to where it’s safe, where I can’t sock ’em in the jibbers.

“Now that we have K-1 back, it’s kinda nice to have a large venue where we can actually just sock each other.”

(1:08 mark)