Koch details knee injury

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FightMedicine.net:  What injury did you suffer?

Erik Koch: It’s a partial tear of the MCL. It’s exactly what Dan Henderson had.

How did you get your injury?

I was training back in my home town, Cedar Rapids. I was here for a family reunion. I decided to get a little extra training in. We had a really hot, sweaty practice and I was grappling on a wrestling mat. I was trying to pass someone’s guard and my toes got caught on the wrestling mat and my knee ended up going in an awkward way. I heard a pop and immediately after my leg stiffened up. The only ligament damage I had before was years ago in me elbow. My knee got really, really stiff. I couldn’t really straighten it or move it. Then the pain came about 20 minutes later. My knee started swelling up and by the next morning it was immoveable.

Did you see an orthopedic surgeon?

Yeah, I went to Iowa City and they did the MRI and checked the report. Luckily I don’t need surgery, just four weeks of rehab

Were you given a hinged knee brace to wear? (The hinges on the knee brace provide side-to-side support, which in this case, is needed when the MCL is injured)

When I first went to the Emergency Room, I was given a knee immobilizer (A long brace which keeps the knee locked out straight in full extension). They gave me crutches for a couple of weeks.

So the timeline is that you will be cleared to return to training in 4 weeks?

Yeah, 4 weeks of rehab and I should be good. Honestly, the pain isn’t terrible. It’s painful, but it’s more that it’s very uneasy. I can’t really pivot or turn. It feels like it’s about to slip out of place. It feels more weak than anything.

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