Korean Zombie says former sponsor TriCoasta owes $20,000+

by Dallas Winston
April 3, 2012

In a massive thread on the Underground it was revealed that there were problems between Chan Sung Jung management and sponsor TriCoasta stemming from revenues generated by a tee shirt so popular both UFC President Dana White and commentaor Joe Rogan were wearing it.

Tri Coasta Korean Zombie Signature Tee,Black,large

Now BloodyElbow is reporting that the camp has severed ties with the former sponsor, and that the amount owed is over $20,000.

Jung made an unforgettable stateside debut at WEC 53 and engaged Leonard Garcia in what many deemed a "Fight of the Decade" performance. MMA fans were elated with Jung and his popularity soared. Tri-Coasta manufactured Jung's signature "Korean Zombie" t-shirt that spread like wildfire.

Jung's contract with Tri-Coasta stipulated he'd receive a percentage of merchandise sales that remain outstanding. Jung's manager and translator, Brian Rhee, claims Tri-Coasta is well aware of the overdue balance and has promised to settle up on many occasions, but never followed through with the full payment.

The Korean Top Team representative opted to speak out on the purported misdoing rather than to re-sign when his contract with Tri-Coasta expired recently.

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The Korean Zombie fights Dustin Poirier at UFC on Fuel TV 3 on May 15th. Winner of the fight will get a title shot against UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.