Krazy Horse gives his side of ’05 Chute Boxe melee

Friday, January 07, 2011

Charles Bennett aka Krazy Horse aka Kid Khaos tells his side of the story concerning the Chute Boxe fight backstage at Pride Shockwave 2005:

Allegedly Chute Boxe actually stole the video from the Japanese and edited it themselves.

Charles says that Wanderlei is the one kicking at his feet at the end of the video. When Charles got up he grabbed his jacket and popped Wanderlei on the chin knocking him out.

The entire interview can be heard below: 

For his part, Cristiano recently addressed the altercation himself:

“I don’t use that fight for personal marketing since in my career, as a coach and fighter, I’m very professional in my success. My attitude was to try to educate Krazy Horse, and show that he should respect everyone. I am a firm advocate for all the elements of MMA, and am a firm believer that every relevant style makes an important contribution to fighting. I have always had an open mind to fighting, and that is why I was one of the first BJJ fighters to teach at Chute Boxe. In that particular fight which was more like a street fight, BJJ was the best form of self-defense. As for Krazy Horse’s trash talk, I am more than happy to fight him again but this time in a cage with a purse at stake. All questions can be laid to rest with a proper sanctioned fight.”

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