Lamas: Why Conor McGregor has a giraffe tattoo on his chest

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

UFC featherweight Ricardo Lamas recently appeared on the ever-phenomenal Submission Radio for a wide-ranging discussion. McGregor is of course famous for his trash talk, but Lamas has been employing some fight hype Jiu-Jitsu, teasing 'Notorious' with videos and in interviews.

McGregor sputtered that Lamas was a big fat mess and a p@$$y. Then McGregor's teammate Patty Holohan confronted Lamas over the videos backstage.

“I didn’t really know what he was saying,” said Lamas. “Yeah, it was quite a thick Irish accent. The only thing I got, in the beginning he said that video was 'shite' so I knew he didn’t like the video too much. But after that it was just a blur of question marks in my head. I didn’t know what he was saying. So it wasn’t really awkward for me, it was … he might as well have been speaking French or something because I had no idea what he was complaining about.”

Lamas then slipped into his Conrad McGillicutty McGregor parody persona, and conducted an interview. He explained why Conrad has a tattoo of a giraffe on his chest.

“Because it’s really intimidating,” explained McGillicutty. “You know it’s a giraffe eating a person’s arm off and that’s what I do. I go into fights and I chew people’s arms off.”

“I kick their arms clean off”

McGillicutty also offered his prediction for the fight with division champion Jose Aldo on July 11, 2015 at UFC 189: Aldo vs. McGregor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I see myself getting punched in the face a lot,” he said. “That’s about it”

Lastly, he was asked for a secret that he never told anyone before.

“One time I made out with a transvestite in a bar,” he said, adding “but don’t tell anyone that.”

Returning to himself, Lamas was asked if he thinks the McGillicutty banter is having an effect.

“I think it definitely bothered him,” said Lamas. “And that was kind of the point. He’s always one that talks trash about other people and he doesn’t like it too much when the tables are turned, so it was good to give him a dose of his own medicine.”

And Lamas said McGregor has a shot at Aldo.

“I think anybody has a chance against anyone in this sport,” he said. “That’s what makes this sport so great, and TJ Dillashaw was a prime example of that. I think everybody counted him out against Barao and he went in there and he put on a clinic, and I would never count anybody out of a fight.”

Lamas also talked about his own upcoming fight with Chad Mendes in the main event of UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs. Lamas on April 4, 2015 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

“I’m going for a KO man,” said Lamas. “I’m going to give people what they want to see and everybody wants to see a knockout.”

“I think I stack up well against anyone. You know, I’m a very tenacious fighter and I keep moving forward, and the more damage you do to me, it kind of fuels me to keep going. I push past pain, I push past fatigue, and that’s going to be one of my biggest strengths going into this fight, and you know I just think it’s going to be a great fight for all the fans to see.”

Lamas also discussed the issues of the day, including Anderson Silva's positive test for PEDs.

“I was just disappointed,” he said. “You know, he was such a great ambassador for the sport and it kind of taints his image a little bit, and if I was in charge of everything, I would say it’s zero tolerance, you know? You get caught once using steroids and you’re out of the sport.

“We need to legitimize this sport and we don’t have any room for cheaters to be in here using PEDs and steroids. I think the harsher the penalty the better.”

Like the vast majority of fighters, Lamas does not know whether the Reebok deal will leave him better off or worse off. He considers a break even a win.

“I have not heard any specific’s yet as far as numbers of what we’re going to be paid,” he said. “So we’re just kind of waiting on that, and I hope it works out to where I’m at least making the same as I’m making now from my sponsors, because I have a lot of great sponsors that take care of me right now.”

“If I was getting the same amount of money that I’m getting right now, yeah I think it’s a good deal.”