Lance Gibson: ‘I’m bringing back the old Rampage’

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lance Gibson has been with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as a striking coach through two training camps.

“The difference between last camp and this one is apples and oranges,” Gibson told MMA Fighting. “His mentality, everything is superb. He’s having more fun, you notice he’s smiling more. He’s enjoying himself. He trained really hard for this fight and he’s excited to show it.”

“I’m bringing back the old Rampage, but new and improved plus more,” Gibson said. “The guy with takedowns, slams, punches, kicks. The man’s got vicious kicks and elbows, and nobody’s seen it yet because he had a manager and trainer who was just a boxer, and he got him in that state of mind. But now he’s ready to go.”

“Pretty much you’ve got to be the predator and make him the prey. I’ve watched Lyoto for years. Great fighter, but I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t catching him. Obviously Shogun [Rua] did. It’s there, but people have been mystified by that little bit of awkward movement he uses. Don’t focus on what he does. Do whatever you’re going to do. That’s what we focus on.”

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